How do you like the new Sony Xperia Z3?

Do you like the new Sony Xperia Z3?
"Oops, we did it again" should be Sony's slogan for the new Xperia Z3, as barely have six months passed since the Z2 introduction, and now we are getting a successor. Granted, the phone is not as futureproof as, say, the Note 4, which has a Snapdragon 805 processor, and a QHD display, but it doesn't have to be. Its main rivals will still be the spring crop of Android flagships, as well as Apple's iPhone 6.

The Z3's dimensions are actually the biggest change from the Z2, at least on the surface, as the phone is listed with 146 x 72 x 7.3mm, making it a tad shorter, narrower, and much slimmer than the Z2. It is quite lighter as well. The Xperia Z3 upgrades only slightly, but exactly where it counts to put it on an equal footing with Samsung's finest, for instance. Its screen brightness and processing power now rival or surpass those of the Galaxy S5, while its pretty unibody glass chassis is made even thinner, still keeping the higher waterproof rating. Some, however, might scoff at those six-month upgrades, that's why we wanted to ask you how you feel about the just-announced Sony Xperia Z3. Check it in the poll, and give us your arguments in the comments.

Do you like the new Sony Xperia Z3?

Yes, it is a decent upgrade over its predecessor
Not really, Sony could have done better

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