Hot tip: HTC One for Verizon is loaded in the inventory system

Hot tip: HTC One for Verizon is loaded in the inventory system
When inventories have actual SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) codes loaded, that can be taken as a good sign that a product launch is imminent. In this case, Verizon’s inventory systems have been updated with HTC6500LVW with a description simply as the HTC M7 and HTC6500LVW-DU for the demo unit.  The HTC M7 is what the HTC One was known as before its official release to market. Our tipster was not in a position to sneak any pics of the screen, but said the systems were updated on May 22nd, following Big Red’s Viva Mobile announcement at CTIA.

You may remember we shared some news that Verizon might make an announcement about May 22nd for the HTC One.  We know now that the announcement was for Viva Mobile, but it still proves May 22nd was significant for HTC One fans. 

The SKUs are somewhat congruent with how the HTC One is set up with AT&T, whose SKU for the device is HTC6050A (32GB) and HTC6056A (64GB). Verizon’s systems do not have a launch date noted, but the device is obviously LTE capable. It will be sold under a two-year contract or can be purchased on a device installment plan.

Based on other leaks we have seen from various Verizon systems, a May 22nd update could mean the HTC One might launch anytime really. However, it is not a guarantee of the device being available right away either. Verizon’s systems were updated with the Nokia Lumia 928 back in January, and we did not see that device finally surface until May, so do not hold your breath.

However, if we take the persistent rumors about the HTC One coming to Verizon, and if we accept this tip at face value, along with the assertion that a demo unit SKU is in the system, that could mean good news for those that have been pining for the HTC flagship, resisting other goodies like the Samsung Galaxy S4 or Lumia 928.

As always, keep checking in with us at and we will pass along any more information we get about the HTC One making its way to Verizon.

Thanks for the tip!

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