Hopper - Airfare Predictions app arrives for Android with lowest destination fare alerts

Hopper app for Android gets you lowest airfare alerts for your destination
You know Hopper, right? The service is on the radar of everyone looking for the cheapest airfare possible to the place they are going. It sends you alerts when is the right time to buy a ticket, based on algorithms that predict if the prices are likely to go up, down, or stay sideways in the near future. 

Hopper works with airlines directly, so you might not see all of the low-costers, unless the company has been willing to give Hopper access to their database in real time, and you might not see some exotic destinations with a couple of legs to get to there, but the most important points are covered. 

That's not all there is to the new Hopper for Android, though, as it has one of the most comfortable to use designs we've seen from such apps, with no unnecessary functions and distractions, and with big, easy to tap on icons, entry fields and calendars. Hopper will feed you airfare alerts only when the prices to our place of choosing have hit the lowest spot, and are about to rise, so check it out if you are travelling, it might save you a few bucks on flight tickets.

Developer: Hopper Inc.Download: Android
Category: Travel&LocalPrice: Free

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