Hong Kong's grey market leaks a 64GB iPhone 4 prototype, Chinese blog entertains the white version once more

Hong Kong's grey market leaks a 64GB iPhone 4 prototype, Chinese blog entertains the white version
In today's dose of wacky iPhone news we won't be doing the usual comparison between unicorns and the elusive white iPhone 4 version, but some alleged photos of it have surfaced on Sina, the Chinese microblogging version.

The listing says literally "White iPhone 4 16G recently have arrived in China, have been waiting for the white iPhone4 friends can bite." Sorry, that was Google Translate for you, but we really can imagine our friends with the black iPhone 4 biting themselves if we get the white one.

Too bad this puppy looks exactly like the ones you can manufacture yourself with the white iPhone conversion kit that is sold for around $200 here and there.

That's what happens when you choose the hard to reliably paint glass for your building material - Apple is rumored to go with metal for the next iPhone's back.

The other, more intriguing leak, is of a prototype iPhone 4 with 64GB of memory. The back has XXGB written on it, similar to what certain iPhone 4 prototypes lost in bars had last year. These "engineering samples" are supposedly being sold in Hong Kong's Sin Tak grey market unlocked in limited quantities (duh!). So now we know Apple has at least tested versions with more memory, but maybe concluded, and rightfully so, that people are not rich enough for those.

Make of it what you will, but with the flash memory one of the most expensive components in today's smartphones, we hope Apple locked in really low prices on 64GB chips from Samsung with the recent $7.8 billion deal, so as we can see them in the next iPhone. With this dual-core Apple A5 chip that is supposed to go in the so-called iPhone 5, we will need the most memory we can get to store those Full HD 1080p videos the chipset will most certainly be capable of capturing.

source: Unwire.hk & Sina (translated) via M.I.C.Gadget

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