Hitachi unveils affordable 4.5" HD display with 329ppi and reduced power consumption

Hitachi unveils affordable 4.5" HD display with 329ppi and reduced power consumption
Boy, it sure looks like soon everyone and their ZTE or Huawei phone will sport an HD 720p mobile display. Hitachi just issued a press release today that it has managed to use the cheaper amorphous silicon technology to create the tiny pixels needed for a 720x1280 display.

Until now, those HD munchkins and their complex wiring was only achievable with the expensive low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) method, like in the 4.5-incher unveiled by the Japanese themselves in February, or the 3D-capable one they showed in July. Hitachi, who basically pioneered the IPS-LCD technology, as found in the Apple iPhone 4 and other LCD handsets, didn't stop with just creating an affordable 4.5" HD display, though.

By altering the aperture of its pixels, the display uses backlighting much more efficiently now, which should translate into improvements in battery life of eventual phones equipped with the new HD 720p mobile screen from Hitachi. 

Moreover, from what we see in the specs table below, it is using a regular RGB matrix, not a PenTile arrangement, which is translating to true 329ppi of resolution, making it a prime candidate for any penny-pinching smartphone manufacturer. The only specification where the amorphous silicon display scores less than the LTPS 4.5-incher, is contrast - 1000:1 vs 1100:1 for the LTPS screen:

Aspect ratio16:9
Display area55.51mm × 98.69mm
Display Pixels720 × RGB × 1280
Pixel Pitch0.0257 × RGB × 0.0771mm
Number of colors16.77M
Color reproducibilityThan 70% CIE1931NTSC
Viewing angle (CR> 10)160 ° horizontally and vertically
Brightness500 cd / M 2
Contrast ratio1000:1

The rest of the specs stay, though - 500 nits of brightness, which is about what current high-ends exhibit, 160 degrees viewing angle, and the ability to represent 70% of the color gamut, which is better than most current offerings. The cheap 4.5" HD display by Hitachi will be shown at the FPD International 2011 expo in Yokohama October 26-28. 

Hitachi, Sony and Toshiba recently entered an agreement to merge mobile screen operations with some seed money from the Japanese government, potentially creating the largest mobile display maker in 2012, so this new Hitachi tech might trickle down to a lot of phones from now on.

source: Hitachi via SlashGear

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