History of HTC

History of HTC
Some time ago, when we were discussing the five biggest producers of mobile pones, we mentioned the saying that behind every successful man there is a strong woman. In the story of High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC), there is a dame as well. Her name is Cher Mi Wang and she is the daughter of one of the richest people in Taiwan. In 1997, she entered in a partnership with HT Cho and Peter Chou and that’s how HTC was found. Its main purpose was to bring to the market a combination of a cell phone and a personal assistant.

However, the project was not that successful; it consumed a large amount of capital and it seemed that the disaster was inevitable. Then the family riches of Mrs. Wang were used to save the day. She invested heavily in the company and brought it back on its feet by improving the engineer and designer sections. In addition, a new course was set and HTC agreed to develop products for other brands. The first success comes in the face of a mobile computer (in 2000) ordered by Compaq and later HP (after the merger of both giants). HTC becomes the big hit in 2002, when the first Pocket PCs based on Microsoft’s OS are developed. This attracts the attention of some big wireless providers such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel, O2, Vodafone and Orange.

Many think that HTC has entered the game two years ago, because that’s when the first HTC branded phones appeared. Actually, during the rest of the time, the Taiwanese manufacturer has been a busy bee, producing units for the various carriers mentioned above and brands like Qtek, Dopod (division of HTC), Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, HP, i-mate and Sharp. This helps the Taiwanese company gain popularity one step at a time with models like Magician, Wizard, Apache and prove to be one of the best producers of Windows Mobile smartphones. 2006 is the turning point for the company, because it starts offering HTC branded phones and to have its own advertising campaigns.

The key elements, which HTC brings to the table are the innovative ideas. That’s proved by the popular Touch series, which is trying to change the public opinion and convince the consumer that the Windows Mobile devices are not only “heavy bricks” intended for work only. The models are attractive and employ the finger friendly TouchFLO interface. On top of that, HTC is the creator of the first Android OS phone, the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1).

HTC is one of the fastest growing companies on the market, attestation for which is the third place awarded to it by Business Week in the global chart of the best technological companies in 2006. The following year, it manages to get to the second place in Asia, which results in more attention and rumors that soon, HTC will be one of the big five (top manufacturers of cell phones). The first successful step in this endeavor was becoming the leader in the production of the more and more popular Windows Mobile smartphones.



21. unregistered

it's good stuff

9. kdmorris777 unregistered

Who cares about HTC anyway after dissing the U.S. by saying that they won't be releasing the Touch HD on our shores. A really stupid dumb mistake with the thousands (myself included) that were salivating just waiting for a U.S. version to come to us. After all, they (HTC) were the ones who stated on their own official website that the Touch HD would be released in other GLOBAL (doesn't that include us?) markets after its release in Asia. Now they come up with the lamest excuse about not being able to engineer it for the U.S. in time for anyone to purchase it. What??? If I had to wait another year I would still buy this phone IF it were available to us. I can see why HTC almost went belly-up...someone's not making very smart business decisions.

10. unregistered

Get a life... LOL. OMNIA is aroung the coner... and Thunderstorm is coming this week, so who cares bout the silly Touch HD

11. unregistered

"who cares about HTC anyway".............looks like you do from the rest of that paragraph, talk about bitter.

14. unregistered

what they mean by not enough time is that if they did a US version it'll be behind the rest of the product line. so like you said "wait another year" and see what they have, something involving the Tegra chipsets probably

17. unregistered

Take a look at their last year's offerings.. QVGA devices. Today we have the Touch HD. Talk about next year? I don't think you'll want the HD... They actually said that they didn't want to develop the US version of the HD because "by the time the US version was ready we would be having better products to offer". I'd take that as a "hint" if I was you.

18. DeeBee unregistered

we'll see... and i have to agree :)

20. unregistered

Yeah...then they'll only make that version for Asia and elsewhere and give us the same bull story over again. They could have made a U.S. version for the HD just like they did for the Diamond and Touch Pro. Anyways...T*Omnia anyone???

23. unregistered

Sure.. T*Omnia. If you live in South Korea, that is... LOL

24. unregistered

Actually, it's been reported that samsung is in talks to bring the T*Omnia to the U.S., so don't LOL too hard.

8. unregistered

i think that HTC needs to drop winmo. I personally think that windows mobile is a heavy brick for work only. Its interface is just sooo broing and not fun to use

13. unregistered

that's exactly why they developed TouchFLO and TouchFLO 3D is to make it more interesting for the average user

16. unregistered

TouchFLO 3D could have been much nicer if it could be customized - e.g. if I could add a "video player" tab *by myself* - even if it were just a pretty link to the regular player.

22. unregistered

agreed, but its definitely a step in the right direction

7. unregistered

Anonymous, anonymous, and anonymous are all right... this falls short of the slightly higher expecatation I had for such an article. Especially with the word HISTORY in there! Perhaps the title should've been "A Quick Look at HTC's Growth." Oh, and Earl sucks...

4. unregistered


3. unregistered

I was expecting more ... kinda short read.

15. unregistered

Yes.. Well... Me too, I was looking for the link to the second page when I understood there wasn't any. A few sales growth or maybe market share charts would have been nice, maybe a chronological list of the devices (with links to existing data sheets..) - it doesn't require that much work, I guess even wikipedia has some data to contribute.. Well then, at least we get it for free :)

2. likeabite unregistered

I love this company..very innovative...the company name sucks though and i'm glad they shortened it to HTC lol

1. unregistered

I am not a writer but this article was very hard to read. There are so many grammatical errors that you almost had to fill in words just the make the sentences flow correctly. On another note how long did the team take to research and write this? I am sorry, I do not mean to be critical of the article but it reminds me of a report that a school kid would do an hour before it was due.

5. Earl unregistered

An THAT's why you're anonymous!

6. unregistered

I'm anonymous only because I don't have a log in for this site. Though I do read this, Phonescoop (big brother of phonearena), Engadget, BGR, Gizmod, GSMarena well I think you get the picture. I don't see why my opinion about this article is being judged only because I am listed as "anonymous." Does that make me less of a person?

12. unregistered

There always are haters, don't worry :)

19. vzw fanboy unregistered

I AM NOT ANONYMOUS LOL i have the same user name everytime

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