Poll: Do you need a high refresh rate on your next phone?

Poll: Do you need a high refresh rate on your next phone?
Not that long ago, high display resolution was the feature to have on a smartphone. All the manufacturers (except Apple maybe) tried to stuff in as many pixels as they can on a smartphone screen. Some (khm.. Sony) went to extremes and offered 4K displays in their smartphones, resulting in record-setting pixel densities (800+ PPI, really crazy stuff). I'm not here to defend or attack display resolution, some people need a higher resolution, while others are just fine with that "Retina" standard Apple set long ago. The point is, refresh rates are the next big thing in smartphones, fuelled by mobile gaming, technology fashion or god knows what else. Let's talk about this one, shall we?

When talking about PC gaming, and competitive gaming, in particular, display refresh rates are the Holy Grail. Professional gamers will opt for that 360Hz 1080p monitor any day of the week, rejecting any 4K or 8K temptations along the way. And it’s completely understandable. A few hertz up or down can decide a winner, or turn a professional gamer into a laughing stock. But how does all this translate to smartphones? Do we really need high refresh rates? I guess it’s subjective from one person to the next, just as our little test has shown. But what do you think? Do you care for a higher refresh rate on your next smartphone?

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Do you need a high refresh rate on your next phone?

Yes, please! At least 90Hz
I want 120Hz or higher!
I don't care about it/can't tell the difference


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