Here's what's on the inside of what might end up being your future smartphone

Here's what's on the inside of what might end up being your future smartphone
The future of smartphones, what does that hold? It's easy to get carried away with predictions about the far future, as evident by a number of downright comical collections of absurdly off-target guesses that float around the web, but what about a more immediate future? In the case of smartphones, many would agree that Google's very ambitious Project Ara is one very real possibility.

In case you're unfamiliar with Ara, it's an initiative led by the search giant that, ultimately, aims to bring modular smartphones to market and create an entire ecosystem of hardware partners around it. The prototype phone Google has been showing around for a while now is made up of one main piece that holds the core electronics together, called the Endo (-skeleton), and it's upon that piece that the various modules, like batteries, cameras, speakers, etc, are added to. It all sounds very high tech, we know, but that's because it is high tech.

Anyways, as with other moonshot hardware project from Google, the first step beyond the initial, in-house testing, is to start sending off "dev kits" to developers around the globe who're interested in fiddling with the concept and looking at what they themselves can bring to the table. One such dev team got a hold of the Project Ara dev kit, and shared a number of images on Reddit that show the very core of the modular smartphone. The nerds among you will appreciate a look, so make sure to sneak one below.

source: Reddit
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