Here's how many hours you have to work to get an iPhone around the world

Here's how many hours you have to work to get an iPhone around the world
Today's iPhone 6s release, just as the iPhone 6 or iPhone 5s before it, starts off at 650 USD for the basic 16 GB version, and only goes up from there for more storage, or in countries other than the US. Well, there are a lot of places where that sum is a lot of money, and this becomes abundantly clear from the infographic below. It denotes the iPhone 6 in the title, but Statista, the chart-makers, are in fact posting it about the iPhone 6s starting price.

It looks like Kiev citizens drew the short stick, with no less than 627 hours of work needed on an average salary to get Apple's finest - if you work eight hours a day, that's more than two months needed to save for an iPhone. For all the economic growth miracles of China, the average citizen of Beijing will still have to work 217 hours for an iPhone, while in famed cities like New York, London, Paris or Berlin, you only need a few days of work to get the precious. The best city for quick iPhone cash-for-work turns out to be Zurich, with only two days and a half of your skilled labor in exchange for the newest iPhone from Apple.

Infographic: The Working Time Required To Buy An iPhone 6 | Statista
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