Here is why Apple's personal assistant is named Siri

Here is why Apple's personal assistant is named Siri
Although Siri, Apple's voice-activated personal assistant software, is available exclusively on the iPhone 4S, its origins can be traced to a place that is pretty far from the company's Cupertino headquarters. It was Dag Kittlaus, a 44 year old Norwegian, who co-founded the company that brought the feature to the world and released it in the App Store. Eventually, Steve Jobs liked what Dag had created and bought his company for a rumored $200 million.

Interestingly, Jobs was not quite happy with the name Siri. (Perhaps because it didn't begin with an "i"?) However, the name of the feature remained unchanged because he could not come up with a better alternative. That is what Dag himself revealed during a speech that he gave earlier this week. He also shared details as to why he chose the name Siri back in the days:

Also, here is an interesting fact: the Norwegian title Siri can be loosely translated as “beautiful victorious counselor”, which seems fitting for what the service is meant to do.

After his company was acquired in 2010, Kittlaus served as head of Apple's speech recognition team. However, he decided to resign soon after the iPhone 4S was announced.



24. BattleBrat

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I thought it meant Speech interpolation...... I forgot the rest, but it had something to do with how it recognized speech.

25. hepresearch unregistered

Anyone can take a name and turn it into whatever acronym they need it to be... My favorite example: MARIACHI - Mixed Apparatus for RADAR Investigation of Atmospheric Cosmic-rays of High Ionization; the name of a collaboration of physicists operating at Brookhaven National Laboratory, out of SUNY on Long Island, NY, using complex arrays of ground-level scintillator detectors and RADAR interferometry coincidence computations to determine the energy and direction of incoming ultra-high-energy cosmic-ray incidents derived from air-to-ground and air-to-air cosmic-ray showers... If they can make a meaningful acronym from that, then you can make a meaningful acronym out of just about anything...

22. rihel_95

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i lved this part "Interestingly, Jobs was not quite happy with the name Siri. (Perhaps because it didn't begin with an "i"?)"

23. hepresearch unregistered

Simple solution... they could've called it "iSiri".

21. heymaya

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 29, 2012

Really? Is name a contention even? Siri or no Siri, Apple now needs to focus on living upto its ads and not getting sued repeatedly. Share your views on

13. adi4u4882

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Siri means "Laughter" in my native Language(Tamil). And Apple never fails to make me do so.

10. EclipseGSX

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“beautiful victorious counselor”?? It sounds more like a retarded robot than beautiful, and victorious? To bad it fails most of the time.

8. threeline

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Who's cares. Phonearea loves it some Apple.

6. SuperAndroidEvo

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I am definitely going to like the origin story of The Amazing Spiderman when it comes out in the theatres this summer. The origin story for Siri kind of sucks. It really didn't do too much for me. Thanks for the article though?

5. sheepygalaxy

Posts: 68; Member since: Mar 10, 2012

siri is pointless and just a gimmick who cares where the name came from actually why not just ask siri

4. Astreo

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then dont read them. its that easy. i dont go and read every android article that comes out.

7. SuperAndroidEvo

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Ok thanks for sharing that with us. I like to read all the articles on I like to be well versed in all things mobile tech! I may not like Apple but I know everything about them & their tech, thanks to!

11. bucky

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phonearena posts about phones/tablets. the whole page is littered with android. It just seems like phonearena is shoving apple down your throat because you and many others spend more time and attention reading apple articles-i can only assume its an insecurity thing at this point.

12. SuperAndroidEvo

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Ok DR. bucky. Your diagnosis of me is as qualified as the dead road kill I passed this morning on my way to work. lol I love how you have the balls to criticize me on what I post & where I post. bucky I read all the articles on & I comment on many other articles not just Apple's. So please worry about yourself and don't comment on what other people are writing about. You are not Apple's lawyer, (maybe in your delusional mind) what’s it to you what I or anyone else types about Apple? Insecure?!? Ok I am so insecure that Android is #1. lol Maybe you are the insecure one because you can't stand it when people talk bad about your precious Apple. bucky between you and me, Apple doesn't get hurt by my comments or anyone else’s comments for that matter. So please don't let it hurt you because from your comments it looks like it's driving you crazy! You go as far as calling people insecure, like if you are in a position to call anyone anything! Man you are a sorry individual!

14. bucky

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Lol I comment openly and all articles. You, on the other hand comment on articles to either troll and state you dont care about it. Sounds like a pretty firm case of insecurity to me. You even thumbed me down and yourself up! Lol Btw, I own an sgs2. No fanboy crap here. But I do like apple products alot as well

15. SuperAndroidEvo

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Sorry I just thumbed you down again! lol Can you tell I don't take this stuff seriously. You on the other hand feel the need to post comments directed to actual people. See the difference between you and me is that I am very confident in everything I do & I will never let someone get under my skin like I obviously do to you. Why do I say this? Well just real your own comment #11. I would NEVER do that, but you seem to actually get offended on what I type. bucky I am talking about Apple & again why do you get hurt by it? Guy if you don't know, YOU ARE NOT APPLE! lol Look I can say Apple sucks but you take it as if I just baby powdered b*tch slapped you in the face. So what is your problem? Are you some web/Apple vigilante? Are you the defender of all negative Apple comments? Are you really serious here? Ohh just so you know the next time you post I will thumb you down because I really am being entertained by you. bucky you are fine example of what a TRUE legend of humanity IS! Kudos to you! LMAO!

17. Triton

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Lol. So true

18. Triton

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Thanks. Buck!

19. bucky

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Lol np. I think I hit a nerve! He is writing novels and telling me im upset! Just calling out a troll when I see one :)

3. rallyguy

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Who cares.

2. frydaexiii

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Is Phone Arena seriously just randomly churning out Apple articles? Come on, I mean 5 articles regarding the iStupidPad's charging problems in one go is bad enough, but at least it's relevant. Siri? Really?

9. hepresearch unregistered

Well, Apple makes phones and tablets too, ya know... just because we think Android is the best doesn't mean we should think that Phone Arena has to write almost exclusively about mostly Android stuff all the time. I am pretty sure Android will be the best smartphone OS solution for me, but no OS is so overjoyously wonderful in every respect for everyone that Phone Arena should write about it and nothing else. People who think that one OS is the best for everybody, and that anyone who thinks otherwise must be stupid, are always saying that Phone Arena is terribly biased toward their rival "perceived enemy" OS, generally because "OMGosh! Phone Arena gives so much attention to that stupid OS which I hate because mine is the bestest and everybody better think the same or else I'll call them all 'sheeple'!" People make choices... plain and simple. Their reasons are their reasons, and we don't need to go around trying to pretend that we can somehow get inside their head to know why they choose what they do, and then claim that they are dumb or call them stupid to their face just because we can't see past our own reasons for our own choices. It is much more reasonable to ask questions, develop theories, share our relevant thoughts, and then respectfully listen to others. Until we all start acting that way, and don't let someone else's intolerance set us off in retaliation in the meantime, we will not have as good an experience here as we could have if we just worked a little harder for it. As for Phone Arena, news is news...

16. Chronos

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That's right!

1. zheking

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Siri rocks

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