Here are the crazy detailed battery checks Samsung enforced to make sure the Galaxy S8 does not catch fire


The recalled Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding battery was probably the biggest disaster for Samsung throughout its whole history of making phones. It seems to have also been the biggest lesson it learned from.

To make sure that exploding batteries and recalls never happen again in Samsung phones, the company has enforced some of the most rigorous battery testing in the industry and it has now published an impressive video showing all the things the company does to ensure its phones do not overheat and that batteries do not explode. Samsung has gone the extra mile and even ensured that a pierced battery will not explode like most other batteries do.

Just watching the sheer scale of the testing procedures, the hundreds of Galaxy S8 phones out there, however impresses. It shows a level of commitment that is commendable. And while we will not know for sure that the Galaxy S8 battery does not explode until the time passes and a few months of real-life use give it a real test, we know that this time around, Samsung really cares about safety. And that's reassuring.

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