Heart Analyzer for Apple Watch updated, brings respiratory rate support

Heart Analyzer for iPhone, Apple Watch updated
Apple has long been spotlighting its health-oriented features on both iPhone and Apple Watch—for next year, we're expecting no less than an integrated thermometer and blood pressure monitor in the Apple Watch 8, alongside the current Apple Watch 6's blood oxygen sensor, ECG electrical heart sensor, and optical heart sensor, the data from which is all collected into the Apple Health hub.

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Apple Health isn't the only (or the best) way to stay on top of your heart rate trends, however. One of the most popular third-party apps that has sprung up over the years to keep track of your heart data, taking advantage of the Apple Watch's built-in sensor, is Heart Analyzer

Heart Analyzer presents your heart rate statistics in a slew of different ways, with the ability to see various trends in visual graphs, metrics, and charts, to help set you on the best track to optimal cardiovascular health. 

The latest update to the popular app, which went live today, introduced a bunch of new custom ways that Heart Analyzer can represent your heart data. One of the biggest additions is that it will support respiratory rate metrics from now on. The Heart Home section of the app has also received a neat redesign.

Here is the full list of changes, as published on the app's update release notes:

  • Brand new Heart Reports – Featuring customizable metrics & timescales
  • Re-designed Heart Home – Including new metrics and configuration options
  • Support for Respiratory Rate – Track this metric right on the dashboard
  • Smart Heart Rate Recovery – Get intelligent Workout HR Recovery times
  • Custom heart rate zones
  • Export heart rate data to .CSV files
  • Updated calendar view
  • Updated ECG comparison view
  • Metrics on Apple Watch now toggle between Today / Yesterday on tap
  • Redesigned Apple Watch weekly update notifications
For the record, Heart Analyzer is available as an app that can be downloaded on both iPhone and Apple Watch. The stats can be viewed from your phone at any time, but the main app is designed specifically for the Watch—as only the wearable features a sensor to collect the actual heart rate data.

While the app is a free download with the option to unlock paid features, users can also unlock everything with a one-time purchase of $4.99, gaining access to all the advanced functions and metrics.

One of the best things about Heart Analyzer, users are reporting, is that none of the data ever leaves your phone—the terms of privacy are simple and straightforward, and no one has access to any of the data stored in the app except you, on your devices.

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