'Heads Up' is the Android feature which will help you not get run over by a car

'Heads Up' is a new Android feature, which will help you stop using your phone while walking

“Watch your step with Heads Up…If you’re walking while using your phone, get a reminder to focus on what’s around you…Use with caution. Heads Up doesn’t replace paying attention.”

Google Digital Wellbeing

Smartphones are surely getting smarter! Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about people. At least when we are out and about, but we keep staring at our phone. Everyone has a friend who does that. If not, you are that friend.

Apparently, Google has finally decided to tackle this ‘problem’. The feature is expected to be called ‘Heads Up’, and it will do exactly what you’d expect it to do: remind you to look up every now and then, to avoid getting run over by a car or, God forbid, find yourself on the way to your ex’s apartment!

The potentially life-saving feature will be part of the Digital Wellbeing settings on the Digital Wellbeing app. It was spotted by XDA Developers. The update itself seems insignificant, while the ‘Heads Up’ feature was found within a source code. There’s a toggle to enable the feature. When enabled, your phone will remind you to stop using it, while walking. It uses your location 

All jokes aside, this can be really useful for children or anyone who tends to ignore their surroundings because they need to reply to text messages or scroll through social media.

‘Heads Up’ still isn’t available to the public. However, it sure looks ready for the real world, so we expect Google to release it very soon. Stay tuned for any updates.

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