Have fat wrists? Apple's new accessories for the Apple Watch have you covered

Have fat wrists? Apple's new extra-large bands for the Apple Watch have you covered
To help the Apple Watch fit those with larger sized wrists, Apple is now offering a new Sport band in a L/XL size that covers those with a wrist measuring 195mm-245mm. Previously, the L size band covered those with a wrist as large as 210mm. The price of the new L/XL Sport band is $49, the same price as its other Sport bands for the Apple Watch. The color options are Black and White. Apple won't ship its timepiece with the new L/XL band, which means you will have to swap the original band that comes with your watch, or shell out the cash to buy the new size. The band ships in 5 to 7 business days.

In addition to offering the new band size, Apple is offering its Link Bracelet Kit which adds as many as six additional links to a Link Bracelet. That will allow an Apple Watch Link Bracelet to fit on a wrist measuring as large as 245mm. The accessory is available in silver only, and is also priced at $49. Thanks to a special release button, adding or removing the extra links is a snap and does not require any extra tools. Orders being received by Apple now, will be shipped near the end of this month.

Both the L/XL Sport band and the Link Bracelet Kit are now available from the online Apple Store. With the new accessories, even if you look like Popeye, you can still wear an Apple Watch. In addition, Apple has finally received inventory of the Black Modern Buckle in medium for the 38mm stainless steel Apple Watch. Priced at $249, the accessory will ship in one to two weeks.

source: Apple, 9to5Mac via TechRadar
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