Has RIM's Twitter for BlackBerry client sent out its first tweets?

Has RIM's Twitter for BlackBerry client sent out its first tweets?
With the success HTC has had with the native Twitter client on its newer devices using the Sense UI, BlackBerry users were becoming GreenBerry with jealousy. RIM decided that  what is good for the goose is good for the gander and went to work on developing a Twitter client for the BlackBerry code named Project Banshee!. Crackberry said today that they might have come across the first recognized tweets from the app. As the site wrote, it is possible that there were tweets sent before the ones spotted, but they would have had a generic listing, like API, to avoid getting noticed which would have set off alarms.

Clicking on the application name in the tweets pictured below, takes you to blackberry.com/twitter which is nothing but a 404 error page. No leaked pictures of the UI are floating around and obviously RIM hadn't meant for the tweets to be made public. For BlackBerry users, it is a good sign that the Twitter for BlackBerry client will be coming. If 'Berry users can just hold on a little more to whichever Twitter app being used, RIM will soon offer up its own version that hopefully takes advantage of the BlackBerry OS in a way that only RIM could do.  

source: Crackberry

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