Hands-on with the Samsung Jack i637

Hands-on with the Samsung Jack i637
The Samsung Jack i637, a GSM smartphone on AT&T represents evolutionary improvement in both form factor and technical specifications as opposed to its predecessors, the BlackJack and BlackJack II. The Jack has rounded corners, giving it a sleeker look and feel and reflective 2.4” TFT landscape display with 320 x 240 resolution and fairly vibrant colors.  A 3.2MP camera is on the back and a microSD card slot is under the battery door.

The full QWERTY keyboard is also significantly different with square-shaped buttons and without the spacing between keys as was found on both  the previous BlackJacks.  The 5-way navigational key is rectangular and the Jack is trimmed with a smoke-colored chrome-like bezel, giving it a decidedly professional business look and feel.

Samsung touts the Jack as the most powerful BlackJack ever.  It has a Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard operating system with the full Microsoft Office Mobile Suite.  Is the Jack a huge step up the evolutionary ladder from the BlackJack and BlackJack II?  Expect our full review to find out!

Samsung Jack i637 Specifications



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