Hands on with the Samsung Gravity lineup for T-Mobile

Hands on with the Samsung Gravity lineup for T-Mobile
Samsung has released a trio of Gravity phones for the nation's number four carrier, the Gravity T, Gravity 3 and :).  The :) (seriously, do we have to call it that?) is a very basic portrait slider with a 1.3 megapixel camera and microSD expansion.  The Gravity 3 bumps the camera specs up to 2MP and switches it up with a side-sliding QWERTY.  Both run a basic Samsung menu system.  The T in Gravity T stands for touch, but otherwise the specs are similar to the 3.  Samsung's TouchWiz UI is present, but the Gravity T is sorely lacking in memory and the usually respectable interface slows to a crawl.

Despite their low end nature the phones all have a good feel to them.  The :) doesn't use the highest quality materials, but its not bad either and Samsung's usual top-notch build quality is present on all three devices.  The Gravity T and 3 both use the same QWERTY keyboard with flat and round keys.  Feel wasn't very good on them, but they did offer just enough feedback and while we weren't comfortable typing on it we were accurate.  The :) reminded us of Sprint's Reclaim, who's keyboard we enjoyed more than we thought we would; the :) is the same, offering very good feedback despite having smaller keys.

All three phones are currently available via T-Mobile and can be had at generally reasonable prices: the :) retails for $20, 3 for $50 and T for a slightly inflated $80, all on contract.  Stay tuned for a deeper look at these new Gravity phones!

Samsung Gravity :) Specifications
Samsung Gravity 3 Specifications
Samsung Gravity T Specifications

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