Samsung's Gravity trio for T-Mobile are released one day early

Samsung's Gravity trio for T-Mobile are released one day early
One would have to imagine that T-Mobile's stock of certain handsets in stores could be considerably low after their Father's Day promotion proved to be a success for them. Thankfully it looks like T-Mobile is acting quickly after its one day sale as they've started to sell Samsung's trio of Gravity devices – the Samsung Gravity 3, T, and :) (Smiley). Customers heading to any of T-Mobile's Retail and Premium Retail locations will now have the opportunity to scoop up any of the three handsets which all focus on the savvy text messaging individual. T-Mobile opted to make an “unprecedented decision” to throw the switch on for these three handsets to go on sale a day early starting today, June 22. As it stands right now, the Samsung :) is priced at $20 on-contract,  Samsung Gravity 3 for $49.99, and Samsung Gravity T for $74.99, but all continue to showcase Samsung's almost unrelenting pace at releasing handsets.

Samsung Gravity :) Specifications
Samsung Gravity 3 Specifications
Samsung Gravity T Specifications

source: TmoNews


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1. jpropin

Posts: 152; Member since: May 20, 2010

These will sell like hotcakes, cause kids go ga-ga over these messeging-centric phones. They could care less about apps. Texting is the name of the game. These type of phones are the bread and butter for the carriers. Its why they keep pushing them out as much as the so-called smartphones

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