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Hacked Nexus One gets tethering feature now

Hacked Nexus One gets tethering feature now
Fresh off the heels of its launch, Nexus One early adopters who feel a bit adventurous may jump the gun and have tethering enabled on their handsets. Hackers have speedily managed to get the feature available in a matter of days since its release, but it’s going to require you to have your handset rooted. Always a viable and experienced group, the team over as xda-developers have just released an “add-ons pack” for rooted Nexus One phones – allowing you to tether via USB or wireless. Additionally featured with in this custom kernel are Busybox, Nano 2.09, powertop, and dropbear. Just be aware that novice users may want to consider not getting their unit rooted themselves; unless you’re experienced and comfortable with the process. Something can go terribly wrong if things don’t go smoothly, but check out the forums over at xda-developers if you’re up for the task of having tethering right now.

source: xda-developers via AndroidGuys


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