HTC rumored to be building a true Facebook phone

HTC rumored to be building a true Facebook phone
A new rumor has surfaced that has HTC working closely with social networking giant Facebook on a smartphone that is codenamed Buffy that will feature a modified version of Android making it a true Facebook phone.

Let’s face it; the HTC Status hasn’t been a very successful offering by AT&T. However, the HTC Status is nothing more than a low-end Android device with a blue Facebook button stationed below the keyboard that gives users the ability to post to their account quickly. What HTC and Facebook are believed to be working on now is something much more.

It is possible that the device simply known as Buffy will have a modified version of the Android platform that will make Facebook the front and center attraction. It is not yet clear what kind of visual changes will be made. It is also possible that the blue button will remain somewhere on the device. According to a Facebook spokesperson, they believe that every mobile device is better when it is deeply social.

Until there is more hard evidence regarding HTC and Facebook working closely on a true Facebook phone take this with a grain of salt. There were plenty of rumors about a Facebook phone earlier in the year that was placed on the back burner when the HTC Status hit the shelves. Would a smartphone with a Facebook oriented version of Android interest any of you?

source: All Things D

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