HTC roadmap for 2014: HTC Eye for selfies, Butterfly 2, and Windows Phones

HTC roadmap for 2014: HTC Eye for selfies, Butterfly 2, and Windows Phones
HTC has rebounded to a slight profit after the launch of the stylish HTC One (M8), but it needs more than this to keep afloat until the end of the year. Now, rumors pin-point HTC’s roadmap for the fall, with plans for a mysterious ‘selfie phone’, an HTC Butterfly 2 high-end Android phone, and several new Windows Phone devices.

With a codename ‘Eye’, HTC’s selfie phone is a device aiming for the US market, with a release date in the fourth quarter, and it will obviously come equipped with a superb front camera.

Next on HTC roadmap is allegedly the HTC Butterfly 2, an international high-end device with 4G LTE connectivity, that has already cleared certification in Japan.

These two, however, do not exactly sound like models that will compete on an equal, flagship footing with heavy-weights like the expected Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Interestingly, it could be that this time around, HTC puts its chips on Windows Phone devices. In particular, HTC is said to have plans for not one, but several new Windows Phone smartphones in various price ranges.

Evidently, what's missing in these rumored plans is an HTC One (M8) refresh for the fall, nor have we heard anything yet about a sequel to the HTC One Max phablet. Let's keep in mind, though, that all this is at the rumor stage, and HTC's 2014 plans might actually be a bit more fascinating on the Android side of things.

source: Taipei Times


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