HTC handset with voice-over-LTE capabilities coming to Metro PCS

HTC handset with voice-over-LTE capabilities coming to Metro PCS
Word has it that MetroPCS is getting ready to unleash another Android-powered 4G smartphone, this time a model courtesy of HTC that will be able to support voice over LTE functionality, making this device the first of its kind.

MetroPCS was the first carrier to bring an LTE handset to market, beating the likes of Verizon who has a speedy 4G LTE network of their own. However, neither carrier has released an LTE Android phone to date. Given that MetroPCS is a no-contract carrier, this device will not receive any discounted pricing.

No pricing or other information is available, as this is device has no name and has yet to be announced. Their network may be small, but nobody can deny the fight that MetroPCS has in them to try and compete with the big boys of the mobile industry. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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1. livingmild

Posts: 15; Member since: Dec 24, 2009

I'm impressed with the little guys. If there network coverage improves, I may seriously consider them as my next carrier. Way to go Metro.

2. livingmild

Posts: 15; Member since: Dec 24, 2009

I meant if their network coverage improves

3. PapaJay224

Posts: 866; Member since: Feb 08, 2009

In the Cell Phone game we call Metero PCS- Metro PCShit (sounds like Piece a shit when you say it)...good laughs good laughs.

4. Nick at nite unregistered

Metro wants to sit at the adult table, so they need to "GO BIG OR GO HOME'!!! They need to drop this Snoop Dog train wreck. Do not alienate potential customers with bad “perceptions “ which Metro PCS already and now it is reinforced with him… Quality and Performance will be the thing that gets you new and better customers, not some lame cretin! Dump the crappy $9.00 throw down phones and move into a better product line!! I don’t know what or who you have in your marketing department, but you should fire all of them and find some fresh ideas! The quality of your product is and will be determined by the consumer………Not some gangster Rap mouth piece…. Wake up and take your competition and this arena seriously or you will not be around to play in the game, VoLTE system or not.

5. Nick at nite unregistered

Sorry folks..........That was just MY opinion!!!! IMHO

6. NEONTANGO unregistered

@Nick at nite: I don't disagree with you, but I hope you've logged your opinion re MetroPCS's phone quality via their online survey (nav to their site, they'll invite you to share your thoughts with a pop-up window). I do so =regularly=, and s-l-o-w-l-y but certainly, I have seen them respond to suggestions. I'm a returning customer to MetroPCS: I started with AT&T (six years, 5 phones), switched to MPCS for three years, back to AT&T (a prepaid disaster) for a year before switching all our company phones to M again. We've always been satisfied with coverage and service in our market area, but their handsets require way too much research and consideration of pros & cons before we make a purchasing decision. :-(

7. dnd unregistered

well they need to concentrate on handsets & 3g instead of continuing this retarded 1x data. what can u truly do on 1x? besides suck bandwidth

8. oboedad unregistered

No one took MetroPCS seriously when they, first, entered the cellular playing field almost 10-years ago. With family members using AT&T I refused to sign a long-term contract and, in 2002, signed on with MPCS. They had only 1 or 2 phone models at the time (Simens and Nokia model 2270 which I still have in the box). But, if you look back, remember the GIANT phones originally put out by Motorola for cell service? Metro has grown, and expanded, way beyond any expectations. As a matter of fact, in 2010, MetroPCS actually surpassed the number of subscribers on Sprint's NEXTEL network. True there have been snags here and there but, since I can always move somewhere else without ANY contractual restrictions and, since I am generally pleased with the level of service provided, I choose to stick it out. 1x vs 4g (with no middle ground 3g)? Why should that be a concern to anyone? Their BB8530 works fine on the 1x network (which is what I currently use), with most of the Blackberry functionality and features. Plus let's not forget about, or discount, the other EXTRAS that are included with MetroPCS which, on the "larger" carriers all cost extra such as the GPS MetroNavigator; Directory Assistance; unlimited web surfing (albeit slow sometimes). There is no better bang for the buck out there. Now they are due to introduce a 4G VoLTE (HTC) phone which, from what I've been hearing, will be another industry FIRST. Metro IS NOT GOING AWAY, and I intend to ride the wave of growth with them, with or without the minor snags along the growth path. And I DON'T HAVE TO SIGN A CONTRACT to upgrade my phones whenever I do!

9. Freight Train unregistered

Having a FULLY functional HTC EVO with working (4G for free BTW) on the Metro 45.00/month plan is awesome. It was well worth the effort to buy, flash, and tweak the phone to have it working with Metro service. I get 99% coverage. Granted some calls get dropped.. but even my wife's Verizon drops calls. If Metro can introduce a HTC/Andriod with 4G LTE I will gladly offer up my current phone on Ebay and upgrade. Having access to Metros credit card app is another plus allowing to make secured transactions online. WTG Metro, Another long time satisfied customer.

10. jay unregistered

um ok im tired of people talking about metro pcs!!! let us pay our $40.00 a month for unlimited everything and yall pay yall $70.00 a month for unlimited every thing its as simple as that.. you dont see us talking about yall 4g phone and stuff so chill.. yall know nothing about metro and all metro customers are not broke because i payed $400.00 for my galaxy !!! and it goes just as fast as any of yall phone and ive not had any problems!! at the end of the day stay with yall phone company and we will stay with ours .....DAMN!!!

11. Reggie Casseus unregistered

Yeah thats be cool. I'm looking forward to that one. I'm a huge fan of the HTC's. An i wouldn't mind Metropcs signing with HTC. BOI I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THAT!!!!

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