HTC Windows Phone 8X preorder price pegged at $649 SIM-free, 8S competitive, too

HTC Windows Phone 8X preorder price pegged at $515
Correction: The pound sterling conversion actually yields $649 equivalent for the HTC 8X, and $365 for the 8S. For comparison, the Galaxy S III sells for the equivalent of $777 on Expansys UK SIM-free.

One big question mark over the new Windows Phones that were announced by Nokia and HTC this month, is the price they will land at. The Lumia 920 already leaked on several Chinese trade sites for the equivalent of $515, but, of course, this is China, and those appearances should be taken with a grain of salt.

HTC, on the other hand, has supposedly changed its strategy from overpricing its handsets a bit at launch in comparison with the competition, to offering them now at very competitive prices to stir up demand. No new phone has been officially priced after this new strategy shift, but now we have the HTC Windows Phone 8X up for preorder on Expansys UK for the equivalent of $649 SIM-free.

The midrange HTC 8S goes down much further, to $365 equivalent on preorder there as well. Thus, while the Lumia 920 pricing leak is rather fishy, at least HTC's handsets seem to be priced competitively. We can only benefit as users if that is Microsoft's and the WP8 makers strategy for gaining traction this holiday season.

source: Expansys

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