HTC might be about to revive the 'Wildfire' name

HTC might be about to revive the 'Wildfire' name
The HTC U11

Earlier this week HTC introduced two new smartphones after many months of silence. This kind of announcement probably won’t become a regular thing anytime soon, but rumor has it the brand is working on a 5G flagship for later this year. And if a new certification listing is anything to go by, new smartphones marketed under the ‘Wildfire’ name may also be on the way.

As spotted by Russian website Mobil Telefon, HTC was recently granted permission to release a total of 10 devices using different variations of the ‘Wildfire’ brand. Specifically, the company has applied for use of the following: Wildfire E, Wildfire E Plus, Wildfire E1, Wildfire E1 Plus, Wildfire E2, Wildfire E2 Plus, Wildfire E3, Wildfire E3 Plus, Wildfire R, and Wildfire R Plus.

HTC previously used this branding back in 2010 and 2011 with the original Wildfire and its successor, the Wildfire S. In both cases, the company targeted the budget segment meaning that a potential 2019 model could do the same thing, something that could prove to be a smart move if it’s aiming for growth. After all, most developing markets favor cheaper devices over higher-end models.

It’s worth pointing out that there’s no guarantee HTC will release a smartphone under this branding, but, if it chooses to do so, understandably not all models will be launching at once. Instead, the company will probably kick things off with the Wildfire E and E Plus and utilize the other names whenever successors start to arrive.


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