HTC Touch Pro2 quietly disappears off of Verizon's web site

HTC Touch Pro2 quietly disappears off of Verizon's web site
When Verizon first released the HTC Touch Pro2, it sent shivers down the backs of their competitors thanks to their firm stance on offering the Windows Mobile smartphone at the reasonable price point of $199.99 on-contract. However, time was only ticking away slowly before we'd all witness this powerhouse be taken down from Verizon's web site. And that's exactly what happened recently if you peruse your way to their site where you'll notice other Windows Mobile handsets like the HTC Ozone, HTC Imagio, Samsung Omnia II, and LG Fathom are still present, but sadly, the venerable Touch Pro2 is missing. Although there is no official word regarding the fate of the handset online, there are probably stores out there that carry some stock, but it's anyone's guess how long it will last – or whether they'll be replenished. The next couple of months will be interesting as we'll no doubt begin to see other carriers start to phase out any current generation Windows Mobile handsets to make room for upcoming Windows Phone 7 devices – so you'd better think fast before another one is pulled.

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source: Verizon via wmpoweruser
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