HTC Touch HD, Viva and 3G: pricing for Italy and a few more details

HTC Touch HD, Viva and 3G: pricing for Italy and a few more details
Windows Mobile Italy has managed to get their hands on valuable unpublished details concerning the latest breed of Windows Mobile smartphones just announced by HTC and respectively named HTC Touch HD, HTC Touch Viva and HTC Touch 3G.

For instance, according to the official press release the HTC Touch HD is to be made available in Europe during Q4 2008 and then to be launched later in other global markets, while our source revealed that the Touch HD is said to be available in Italy in December 2008 at a price (TBC) of € 849 ($1220), solely through Italy's main mobile operator TIM.

As per the Touch Viva, which will be available only in the color named Storm Gray, HTC is going to launch it throughout Europe in October. In Italy, the HTC Touch Viva will be priced at € 279 ($400).

The HTC Touch 3G will share the same launch schedule with the Touch Viva and will be available in October 2008. While the color schemes in which it will come are Sophisticated Black, Noble Gold, Spark Blue and Modern Brown, only the gold and blue colors will make it to the Italian market, with the Touch 3G  being priced at € 499 ($720).

source: WindowsMobileItaly, more, more



1. unregistered

what US carrier will be picking up the Touch HD, if any?

2. unregistered

hopefully T-mobile jumps at this opportunity

5. unregistered

Don't hold your breath on that..... One can DREAM can't they?

10. n/a unregistered

sprint will 4 sure get dis phone!!!!!!!!!

3. unregistered

i dont care who gets it, as long as att gets it im cool..

4. Al Rock unregistered

just looking forward to sprint pickin up that HD. would be sweet!! Also go CUBS go.

6. unregistered


7. enjoijams unregistered

Just as long as the hd gets released on a gsm carrier its mine.

8. vinhm05 unregistered

att probably wont get this being that the touch pro is going to be launched as their flagship device in Q4 2008. Htc devices typically sit as a flagship for about a year maybe a little more so its highly unlikely. The device is also major competition for the iphone and att is not going to let that happen. All we can do is dream, replace the sheep with touch hds... that's what I'm doing =)!

9. Ken-SD unregistered

Sprint has a sneak peek page for their fall lineup here unfortunately the Touch HD is not on it.

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