HTC Sensation 4G for T-Mobile benchmark tests

HTC Sensation 4G for T-Mobile benchmark tests
T-Mobile customers have something to be absolutely excited about, especially when they’re going to soon be able to grasp yet another  dual-core processor packing handset in the carrier’s offering with the upcoming HTC Sensation 4G. Indeed sensational on so many levels, even more when it’s packing some improved hardware under the hood versus some other recent offerings, the 1.2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor combined with 768MB of RAM that it’s packing should make the experience more than acceptable.

In terms of user experience thus far, we undoubtedly satisfied since it exhibits a reasonable amount of responsiveness with various actions – such as opening up apps, navigating across its homescreen, and kinetic scrolling. Coughing up some astonishingly nice looking 3D visuals with its interface, there’s no arguing that the CPU is chugging along to provide a satisfactory experience, but as always, we’re sure there are some people curious to know what kind of results it’ll dish up with certain benchmark apps.

With that in mind, we first decided to run the Quadrant Benchmark app where it manages to obtain scores between 1,914 and 2,311 – though admirable, it’s not mind blowing compared to some other handsets we’ve checked out. Additionally, we ran the AuTutu Benchmark app and it dishes out an overall score of 3,247. Again, it’s considerably better than the average, but nothing extravagant to position it as a true competitor to things like the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Regardless of that, the performance it’s exhibiting so far proves itself since it’s not slowing down to hinder the overall operation of the handset. Furthermore, combining the fact that Sense is featuring some serious looking visuals compared to the competition, it’s nice to see that the processor is keeping up in presenting us with a responsive experience thus far.

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