HTC One XC spotted in China, powered by quad-core Snapdragon S4 chip

HTC One XC spotted in China, powered by quad-core Snapdragon S4 chip
First the good news: HTC just announced its latest beast of a smartphone, powered by a quad-core Snapdragon S4 chip. Details about the HTC One XC, as the device is called, were unveiled during the Chinese Telecommunications Fair. Now the not so good news: we aren't sure whether the handset will ever be sold outside of the Chinese market, which might disappoint hardcore Android fans from around the world.

In case you're wondering what you'll be missing on, here is what we know about the HTC One XC: it has a two-tone, black and gold design that kind of reminds us of the HTC EVO 4G LTE for Sprint. The quad-core Snapdragon S4 chip runs at 1.5GHz and is paired with 1GB of RAM.

A 4.7-inch screen with resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels graces its front, and the panel used is probably identical to the one on the HTC One X. On its back resides an 8-megapixel camera with F/2.0 aperture and 28mm wide lens.

In China, the HTC One XC will be competing with the Xiaomi Mi-Two, which also boasts a quad-core S4 processor, 720p screen, and identical 8-megapixel camera. Considering the latter will be priced at about $310, it will be interesting to see how much HTC will be asking for its quad-core beast. 

source: CNMO via GizChina



1. wendygarett unregistered

Wtf $310? Sim free price?

2. darkskoliro

Posts: 1092; Member since: May 07, 2012


8. PhenomFaz

Posts: 1236; Member since: Sep 26, 2012

With HTC you can almost never go wrong. Great build quality, awesome camera, JB oor ICS, S4 Pro, Adreno 320...oh come on take my money already!

9. jackhammeR

Posts: 1548; Member since: Oct 17, 2011

awesome camera? 320 gpu? where did you get these spec?

11. darkskoliro

Posts: 1092; Member since: May 07, 2012

its all over phonearena recently if you havent been paying attention.

15. Mario1017

Posts: 336; Member since: Sep 04, 2011

You are not very educated are you...

12. darkskoliro

Posts: 1092; Member since: May 07, 2012

What I really want from HTC right now: Aluminum unibody with removable battery (like dhd), or just a massive one. 64gb built in, 8X camera and ff one too, 2gb, quadcore krait, that 5inch 1080p ;) and 8x audio

14. Jonathan41

Posts: 532; Member since: Mar 22, 2012

What's with the thumbs down?

16. darkskoliro

Posts: 1092; Member since: May 07, 2012

i legitimately have no idea.

3. pikapowerize

Posts: 1869; Member since: May 03, 2012

if its price same as xiaomi then it will be fine..but heck, HTC device in my place are a bit pricey!!!

4. tiara6918

Posts: 2263; Member since: Apr 26, 2012

Htc, please make this one xc available globally!

5. Jimstar

Posts: 259; Member since: Oct 24, 2011

well damn, that was fast...and if they were gonna make it look THAT much like an EVO LTE, why not keep the kickstand?

6. Berzerk000

Posts: 4275; Member since: Jun 26, 2011

It's a beast. Any news on software? Sense 4.1 with ICS or Jelly Bean? I love that black/gold look. Please make a global version of this.

7. maryaaadil

Posts: 146; Member since: Apr 07, 2012

Do the Chinese ones have guarantee?

10. psysect

Posts: 49; Member since: Sep 27, 2012

My GoD!!! Fantastiiiccccc..Htc please make this one xc available globally!! im waiting 4 it..

13. Jonathan41

Posts: 532; Member since: Mar 22, 2012

I want to see if I can get one of these. I would look so damn cool with a Gold, quad-core, EVO looking thing that's only sold in China.

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