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HTC One (M8) AnTuTu, Quadrant and other benchmark scores

HTC One (M8) AnTuTu, Quadrant and other benchmark scores
The new HTC One (M8) will have two Snapdragon 801 chipset versions for different geographical regions. The US and Europe will be getting the 2.3 GHz variant, with the same Qualcomm MSM8974AB processor that is in the Xperia Z2, while Asia will be shaking it with a 2.5 GHz MSM8974AC chipset, like the one in the Galaxy S5.

Needless to say, our benchmarks are based on the 2.3 GHz version, so they are likely to be a bit shy of what the 2.5 GHz HTC One can score. Still, the numbers are pretty impressive, as the new HTC One scores on equal footing with the Xperia Z2 flagship that sports 3 GB of DDR3 RAM. 

Thus, with HTC's new handset you are unlikely to feel underpowered, even in demanding 3D Android games, so the new One turns out to be a pretty futureproof device, in terms of processing power at least. Not that last year's One is a slouch, but it warms your heart to know that you are carrying a handset that can stand its ground against the best of the seasonal crop.

Quadrant Higher is better
HTC One (M8) 19139
Samsung Galaxy S5 25041
Sony Xperia Z2 18584
LG G2 20654
LG G Pro 2 19490
Sony Xperia Z1 20277
HTC One 12481
AnTuTu Higher is better
HTC One (M8) 31075
Samsung Galaxy S5 36603
Sony Xperia Z2 34088
LG G2 35376
LG G Pro 2 28615
Sony Xperia Z1 30838
HTC One 23308
Vellamo Metal Higher is better
HTC One (M8) 1171
Samsung Galaxy S5 1186
Sony Xperia Z2 1177
LG G2 1229
LG G Pro 2 1269
Sony Xperia Z1 1115
HTC One 781
Vellamo HTML 5 Higher is better
HTC One (M8) 1673
Samsung Galaxy S5 1632
Sony Xperia Z2 1584
LG G2 2951
LG G Pro 2 1692
Sony Xperia Z1 2889
HTC One 2395
Sunspider Lower is better
HTC One (M8) 693.1
Samsung Galaxy S5 777.3
Sony Xperia Z2 925.4
LG G2 932.8
LG G Pro 2 818.3
Sony Xperia Z1 746.2
HTC One 977.9
GFXBench Manhattan 3.1 on-screen Higher is better
HTC One (M8) 11
Samsung Galaxy S5 11.7
Sony Xperia Z2 12.4
LG G Pro 2 8.9
Sony Xperia Z1 9.57
HTC One 4.9
Basemark OS II Higher is better
HTC One (M8) 1071
Samsung Galaxy S5 1054
Sony Xperia Z2 1207
LG G2 772
LG G Pro 2 1050.6
Sony Xperia Z1 927.6
HTC One 755.3
Basemark X on-screen Higher is better
LG G2 14.662
Sony Xperia Z1 17.007
HTC One 8.236
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