HTC Legend is now also available through Bell

HTC Legend is now also available through Bell
Even though it may not have the prestigious title of being the first North American wireless provider to start offering the uni-bodied HTC Legend, Bell is now also in the game with it as they closely follow Virgin Mobile Canada's launch. Naturally there isn't too much to worry about who gets what first as Bell is the parent company to Virgin Mobile Canada. Seeing that they have a common relationship, it would've been unlikely to see much of a difference in terms of pricing options for the stylish looking Android powered smartphone. Tallying in at the same $79.99 price point with your signature on a 3-year agreement, there is nothing that this model has that Virgin Mobile's version doesn't – except for its no-contract pricing. Interestingly enough, Virgin Mobile's no-contract price is set at $349.99 while Bell has it $50 more at $399.99. Whichever way you decide to go, Canada is definitely the place to get your fix of the HTC Legend.

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source: Bell via BGR


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