HTC Incredible gets down and dirty with its rooting process

HTC Incredible gets down and dirty with its rooting process
Crazy as it may seem to some people, you'll probably need to down a couple cups of coffee in waking yourself up as the HTC Incredible at long last has been rooted. Apparently this bad boy of an Android powered smartphone resisted in giving in for quite some time and proved to be one tough cookie in cracking, but nonetheless, like much of some of its Android brothers and sisters, its rooting process is now available for your tinkering – somewhat. In what might look like a last ditch effort to prove its subordination, the rooting process is being touted as “very hard” and “not very repeatable” – most likely due to the notion that it's still in the early stage. Thankfully it's looking more airy now that a user friendly patch looks to be on the horizon which simply will enable owners to accomplish just about anything their hearts desire on the handset. It surely looked like the Incredible was going to be one difficult task, but now it follows in the same path as other handsets.

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source: Unrevoked via Engadget
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