HTC HD2 has a camera problem

HTC HD2 has a camera problem
The HTC HD2 is definitely an excellent smartphone, but it seems affected by certain teething problems in the form of software bugs. Information has surfaced on the Internet that some units take snapshots with a weird, pink aura in the centre of the image, which we believe relates to improper white balance. We have seen similar problem before, more accurately with the Nokia Prism 7900. It seems the bug doesn´t affect recently produced units of the HD2, so anyone who´s got a faulty device should request a replacement device or hope the issue will be fixed with future software update. Is your own HTC HD2 affected by this bug?

HTC HD2 Specifications | Review

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1. Kiltlifter

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Pink Christina Aguilera monsters!

4. Trobes05

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2. kwaping

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I think if that was a white-balance issue, the whole image would be affected (unless that image was taken with the flash on). I think it's either a bad sensor or lens coating.

3. htc_prep

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maybe its not such a bad thing the U.S. is behind in the times... not even a blip on the radar

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