HTC Glamor image leaks, eye candy for the ladies

HTC Glamor image leaks, eye candy for the ladies
It's not entirely clear why when a company decides to make a product targeted to women, they usually just wrap it up in candy colors and fluff, as if the target market is Barbie.

In the case of the HTC Glamor, though, it makes sense, since the most likely buyers will be teenage girls, judging by the jolly colors in a leaked picture of HTC's upcoming feminine handset. 

This coincides with a rumor about HTC going cross-country with focus groups of women in their 20s and 30s, to come up with a targeted handset that is about to appear on Verizon's network before the end of the year, but the device codename for that project was HTC Bliss.

The HTC Glamor styling reminds us of the HTC Wildfire S, Desire S and Z, all fused together, and given pastel coloring, which is actually a nice segway from HTC's usual black or gray soft-touch plastic with aluminum elements armor.

The Bliss rumor stated it will have a whole system of accessories circling around it, like a stylish Bluetooth headset, or a glowing cube-shaped "charm indicator" that attaches to the phone, so we can't wait to see that marvel. Those colors, though, they might have just as well named it the HTC Skittles.

source: PocketNow

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