HTC First "Facebook" phone hands-on

HTC First
Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any hands-on video of the new HTC First, in fact, even handling the device was fairly limited. However, we were able to get a lot of up-close pictures.

The HTC First is built with typical HTC quality, that is to say it is very good. No specifications were revealed during the presentation. However, the specification are available on the web.  There are not any surprises in the hardware as the HTC First is definitely a mid-range piece of hardware.  The HTC First features a 1280x720 4.3-inch display and the well rounded edges make the device fit very nicely in the hand.  Shape-wise, it is similar to the first generation iPhone.

In the engine room is a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4GHz processor. Dishing out the power is a 2,000mAh battery. The main camera is a 5MP unit with LED flash. There is 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage and there is no microSD storage available. Under the baked-in Facebook Home experience is stock Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. While the display is 720p, the images and colors on the HTC First are clear and vivid. The front facing camera is 1.6MP.

For Instagram fans, the app is also built in. While Facebook Home is the top layer, the rest of the Google and Android ecosystem works with not issues. Notifications appear as horizontally oriented cards which can be swiped away in a similar fashion to webOS notifications of yore.

Specification-wise, the HTC First is not cutting edge, but for its social-centric mission it does not need to be.  The Facebook Home experience is very fluid and there were no signs of any stuttering or lag.  At $99.99 on AT&T, this mid-range device is within reach of people that are social butterflies and love Facebook.

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  • Display 4.3" 720 x 1280 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP / 1.6 MP front
  • Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 400, Dual-core, 1400 MHz
  • Storage 16 GB
  • Battery 2000 mAh(14.3h talk time)



1. amiroo

Posts: 269; Member since: Sep 03, 2012

Beautifull box For facebook lovers.

2. OptimusOne

Posts: 694; Member since: May 22, 2012

Holy s**t... It runs stock android.... If i didn't have a phone at this moment, I could possibly get this and just install Apex Launcher!

19. OptimusOne

Posts: 694; Member since: May 22, 2012


22. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Excellent point. Love me some stock Android....

3. TechDork

Posts: 404; Member since: May 10, 2010

Ummm, okay.

4. OptimusOne

Posts: 694; Member since: May 22, 2012

Is it me or does the phone look like a one v?

14. HASHTAG unregistered

Well it is made by HTC...

5. Bleak3993

Posts: 6; Member since: Oct 11, 2011

Just install another launcher and voilĂ !, the phone looks great and it has a pretty good hardware under the hood, plus it runs stock android!

7. Joshing4fun

Posts: 1250; Member since: Aug 13, 2010

It looks like it could be a Palm Pre 4

8. bojan

Posts: 188; Member since: Oct 06, 2012

the desgin is great by HTC good qulaity but i don't like facebook so no thanks

9. bluescreen

Posts: 154; Member since: Nov 22, 2012

i wounder if this phone is going to archive all your texts and phone calls and pictures u take like facebook does with everything u do on ur facebook account?

10. _Bone_

Posts: 2155; Member since: Oct 29, 2012


11. ImHungry

Posts: 17; Member since: Jun 25, 2012

In one of the pictures it says turn off facebook home. so does that mean you can run stock android on this? for some reason i just really like this phone. the design is nice

12. at0mNom

Posts: 8; Member since: Oct 07, 2012

Seriously Phone Arena? Can you make that friggin water mark any bigger???

13. tampaflusa

Posts: 6; Member since: Mar 25, 2013

"Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take any hands-on video of the new HTC One, in fact, even handling the device was fairly limited..." I think they ment to say HTC First not "ONE" even though I understand with the confusing brand naming.

15. som

Posts: 768; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

HTC is wasting money on a Facebook phone, nobody just buy a phone for Facebook access only and low specs. People can get access to Facebook on any phones and pc. Why HTC First Facebook phone? Keep trying HTC will go bankrupt in a year

29. voxmarc

Posts: 339; Member since: Aug 22, 2012

it run on stock android and the facebook is just an overlay

16. ebubekir26

Posts: 337; Member since: Dec 21, 2012

the back looks like an iPhone.. true

17. MyLife0nline

Posts: 3; Member since: Apr 04, 2013

I would take a Google Plus phone over this any day...

18. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

PIECES OF CRAP FACEBOOK PHONE. and who needs it anyway

21. OptimusOne

Posts: 694; Member since: May 22, 2012

if you take away the facebook part, its just stock android, and everyone needs stock android

24. xperiaDROID

Posts: 5629; Member since: Mar 08, 2013

This is for the poor people with social life.....

28. voxmarc

Posts: 339; Member since: Aug 22, 2012

nice word rich man....

31. xperiaDROID

Posts: 5629; Member since: Mar 08, 2013

Hmm.....I'm not rich. What makes you think like that? xD

36. thunderising

Posts: 232; Member since: Nov 25, 2011

Can't believe we're talking to xperiaDROID, with a DP of LG lol!

37. xperiaDROID

Posts: 5629; Member since: Mar 08, 2013

Oh come on, now I need to change the profile picture again!

20. sleepyjohnny

Posts: 151; Member since: Dec 16, 2009

This design is very reminiscent of the original iPhones' design. It's just slimmer and make of different materials. (And of course with flash)

23. GadgetsMcGoo

Posts: 168; Member since: Mar 15, 2013

Now waiting for an InstagramPhone and NetflixPhone.

25. xperiaDROID

Posts: 5629; Member since: Mar 08, 2013

Next, Twitter phone! ;)

34. taikucing unregistered

In the future, people will bring 4 phones in their pockets lol.

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