HTC Fiesta - another Android phone by HTC?

HTC Fiesta - another Android phone by HTC?
You might have heard of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). If not, it’s the organization responsible for the licensing of Bluetooth technologies. Well, it seems that it has just given a license to an HTC Android phone, named the Fiesta. After the news leaked to the media, the Android part was quickly replaced with the more generic “Handheld, Phone”, but we are not that easily deceived. The licensing documents were not very detailed to start with, so the only other information about the device is that it will be available in Asia, Europe and North America.

Now, with this information in mind, we see a couple of possibilities. First, the Fiesta is another name for the HTC Magic. It’s already known under several operator-specific names, so one more wouldn’t surprise us. Second, the Fiesta is a device that wasn’t in the leaked roadmap, or maybe it was there, but under a different name… If that’s the case then we have no idea if it’s even supposed to come to the market during this year, since it might very well be scheduled for a 2010 launch for all we know.

What’s your take on the situation?

source: Bluetooth via BGR

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