HTC Droid Incredible advertisement video teases viewers about the handset

HTC Droid Incredible advertisement video teases viewers about the handset
Although some of us would have been led to believe that the Motorola DROID sold extremely well for Verizon thanks to some impressive hardware, but advertisements and marketing played a key role in broadening the handset's reach. Now that the HTC Droid Incredible is being touted as the next best thing, it's interesting to see how Verizon will market this device to follow up to the successful campaign led by the Motorola DROID. The first advertisement video for the HTC Droid Incredible made its way to Verizon's YouTube channel where it casually teases us of what to expect with the power packed smartphone. With some red themed Matrix-like rain effects in play, the introduction comes with the familiar DROID sound we've all become familiar with. Although the phone isn't physically shown in the video, the commanding voice clearly places the attention on the impressive numerical values that accompany the Droid Incredible. Those in the gadget community will easily be able to comprehend all of the features that are expected, but others who aren't familiar will probably be intrigued by it – which could result in having them travel to a local Verizon store to check out what's up with this phone. In any case, marketing will be a key factor in either making the Droid Incredible a success or failure.

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source: YouTube via AndroidGuys

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