HTC 8X could be the official name of its upcoming Windows Phone 8 handset codenamed Accord

HTC 8X could be the official name of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 HTC Accord
Leaked manual of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 device from HTC, dubbed so far the Accord, refers to the handset as the HTC Windows Phone 8X. Now we don't know if that will be the full name, as it seems rather long, but HTC 8X has all the chances to be a good title.

Of course, it will have to clash with all the "X"s out there, like 4X HD, XL, One X, and other Android reincarnations of that letter, but overall it is a good indication of an HTC flagship (think One X), but with WP8 on board.

The leaked manual shows that the handset will sport a dedicated camera button, and that oh-so-important LED notification light some people can't live without on their handsets - we have to admit that it is always handy to have.

source: Football4PDA (Twitter) via PocketNow

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