HTC 11 with dual-edge display envisioned in renders


The HTC 10 is now six months old, which means it's halfway through the assumed one-year life cycle. There haven't been any rumors as to what can be expected of its eventual successor, but it won't be long until the usual assortment of leaks begin to appear. Having offered us a peek at how HTC's 'Ocean' concept may look in the flesh, the folks at Tech Configurations have now served up an interesting visual of the 'HTC 11'. 

As you can see in the gallery below, the design is of the curved, edge-to-edge variety akin to the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and Note 7. It's something that other firms like Xiaomi have also rolled with, and a number of companies are expected to follow suit in this regard. 

Interestingly, the concept is button-less just like aforementioned Ocean design. It's worth pointing out that the very notion of an Ocean device (or trio of devices) originated from a leak by one of HTC's own designers. If a button-less finish is something the Taiwanese firm is looking to employ, it stands to reason that the next flagship handset could indulge. 

This particular concept also alludes to a waterproof design, which is quickly becoming a necessity in the eyes of many. Samsung, Apple and several other companies now provide water resistance at flagship level, and if HTC is to compete more closely with the Big Two in this arena, protection against the elements would not be unwelcome. 

The concept also packs a dual camera setup to the rear, while connectivity is taken care of by USB Type-C. All told, it's rather easy on the eye, and we'd not be too downhearted if the final design ended up looking like this. 

Have a peek through the gallery below, and let us know in the comments what you'd most like to see from HTC's next major smartphone. 

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