HP video shows why the Elite x3 should be owned by every cop in the field

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HP has produced a video that shows various reasons why the Windows 10 Mobile powered  HP Elite x3 smartphone needs to be given out to all cops before they go out on their daily tour. As the video tells us, a typical day could demand that an officer enter evidence, respond to a call, or file paperwork. The HP Elite x3 helps with all of these tasks and more. The 6-inch AMOLED screen has a 1440 x 2560 resolution making it perfect for taking notes during the daily briefing and when reviewing images of suspects. And because it is powered by Windows, the phone is compatible with most police departments' desktop computers.

Thanks to the 4150mAh battery inside the device, the Elite x3 is powered up through a cop's complete shift. There is no need to handcuff a suspect to a light pole while the officer heads to a bathroom looking for an outlet. With LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity, the device can be connected to the world inside and outside the station. And the Elite x3 allows cops to install department apps making it easier for him or her to finish certain tasks. For example, the phone eliminates the need to take notes like Joe Friday did, with a pad and pen.

Instead, field notes can be taken and witnesses interviewed right at the scene of the crime. When the officer returns to his car, he can plug the Elite x3 into the Lap Dock, allowing him to have the power and ease of a lap top to help him file reports from the field.

Check out this unique sales pitch by HP as it tries to show city managers why they should spend some of their budget money earmarked for police and emergency services, on the HP Elite x3. Just click on the video at the top of the story.

source: HP

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