HP briefly opened TouchPad sales to its employees today

HP briefly opened TouchPad sales to its employees today
Amazon might’ve taken the industry by surprise today as they announced their competitively priced Kindle devices, but they still pale in comparison to the killer fire sale pricing offered by the HP TouchPad. Naturally, the buzz surrounding the webOS powered tablet’s fire sales have diminished tremendously, especially when inventory is seemingly all but dried up by now.

Well, HP managed to treat its employees to some good old fashion appreciation by opening up sales through their Employee Purchase Program. In fact, they briefly started selling them at 9:00 AM PST on the dot this morning. However, by 9:01 AM PST, the whole thing came crumbling down as the demand from several thousand employees brought things to a screeching halt.

There’s no telling how many units were sold through HP’s Employee Purchase Program, but one thing is clear, HP employees are saying that there are “impossible wait lines” when calling the employee store purchase line. Still, some are probably wondering if we’ll see HP open sales to everyone again – as they did before.

Knowing that they’re trying to clear out all of their supplier inventory and fulfilling contracts they signed, there might still be hope that sales for the TouchPad will happen once again. But the question comes down on exactly when it’ll all go down.

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