HMD Global looking to strengthen its foothold in the U.S. market

HMD Global looking to strengthen its foothold in the U.S. market
It's true that customers can already purchase Nokia smartphones in the United States, but you won't find any at local carriers yet. Also, many of the phones launched by HMD Global, even though they come unlocked, don't work with all U.S. carriers.

Even if U.S. network operators won't sell HMD's Nokia smartphones anytime soon, there's a high chance that the Finnish company will strengthen its presence in the U.S., at least according to a few job listings on LinkedIn.

HMD Global is now looking for e-commerce lead, product lead, and technical account manager for its operations in the United States, and once they're found, we'll probably learn more about the company's plans for the region.

This is actually an interesting move considering the fact that Xiaomi hasn't yet entered the U.S. market. Most of HMD's Nokia smartphones available in the U.S. belong to the mid-tier range, which would've made Xiaomi a fierce competitor.

Still, without the carriers' help, it will be hard for the Nokia smartphones to compete with the likes of Samsung, LG, and Motorola, which have long-standing partnerships with all operators in the country.

source: LinkedIn via Nokiamob



1. kennybenny

Posts: 221; Member since: Apr 10, 2017

Please come to Canada, I'd buy a Nokia if it were officially available in Canada.......

2. meanestgenius

Posts: 22388; Member since: May 28, 2014

Awesome. Would love to see this happen. It will be a tough battle for sure, especially against Apple and Samsung in the U.S., but I’m pretty sure HMD can carve out a portion of U.S. market share for their Nokia branded smartphones if prices right and marketed well.

3. PryvateiDz

Posts: 445; Member since: Jul 31, 2011

It would not be that hard if they would just release more high-end smartphones here, but more so all of their dope smartphones here. We keep getting the basic lower-end smartphone. Heck, we didn't even get the extremely great value, well-rounded Nokia 7 Plus.

4. meanestgenius

Posts: 22388; Member since: May 28, 2014

Releasing more high end smartphones here alone does not guarantee that it wouldn’t be hard. They’d have to go through OEM’s they have a foothold over here for years, like Apple, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. Same for the more “dope” ones (even though we are getting the Nokia 6.1 Plus, which is pretty dope). They will need to do some heavy marketing over here as well to sway people away from those brands, as well as pricing them in a way that would entice people to leave other brands. Remember, even though Nokia of old was once the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world for decades, they never had a huge foothold in the U.S. Their smartphones dominance came from overseas (proving that you don’t necessarily need a huge presence in the U.S. to be the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world). HMD pushing their Nokia branded smartphones in the places the Nokia name holds the most value first is a smart business move. Now, they are going to make their move in the U.S. Also, I still believe the 7 Plus will make its way here (later in the year), as well as the Nokia flagship when released.

5. PryvateiDz

Posts: 445; Member since: Jul 31, 2011

Yeah, the point is, it would help. They definitely have something to offer to get through over OEM here, but they're not offering anything to truly compete with. It's like you have to start from somewhere. You can't get through if you never try. It's not going to necessarily be an overnight thing, and if that's the interpretation you got from me, that's not what I was saying. My apologies. What I'm saying is they would give themselves an easier transition into our market if they offered more of their competitive devices. The Nokia 7 plus could easily compete with the likes of the OnePlus line, which is a huge success, though I'm not sure if it's more so in the US or worldwide. High-end smartphones sell well, but many also love great priced mid-ranged smartphones too. Motorola used to do really well in that space, until Lenovo took over and they started making horrible decisions. I don't think they can compete with Samsung or Apple, and they shouldn't try to, start small. They however could compete with LG (who is really declining) and Motorola on some levels. Many people here still love Nokia, and their decline really started with investing heavily into WindowsPhone than Android. It wasn't like people didn't want or love them, it was more so the fact that they didn't move with the times of the people. I agree they would need some heavy marketing, but it would help, and the only way they would have effective heavy marketing is with better devices. The low-end space to me is too crowded, and that's basically what they're offering here. ZTE does amazing in that space here, and the US just lifted their ban from what I read. There are not too many thriving high-end smartphones, HTC is declining, LG is declining, Blackberry stopped competing in that space, etc. I think they could do well with a nice mid-range and high-end Android smartphone with their own unique spin, personally.

6. meanestgenius

Posts: 22388; Member since: May 28, 2014

I’m not saying it wouldn’t help, but many have tried/are trying, but Samsung and Apples hold on the U.S. consumer is enormous. In the U.S., that’s what every high end smartphone gets compared to, whether intended or not. For them to start somewhere, it’s needs to be small, and I think the Nokia 6.1 fits that bill perfectly. It’s definitely priced right, and offers pretty good bang for your buck. Test the waters with that first, and then a couple months later pull in the 7 Plus and go from there. OnePlus is more popular outside of the states than inside. Nokia could definitely fill in where Motorola has dropped off, but as I said, while Nokia has always been hugely popular overseas, there popularity in the states has always given way to other brands. Marketing will be a key factor if HMD is to be successful in the states. They can drop all the 7 Plus smartened they sand here, but if no one knows about them, they just won’t sell. Their low midrange smartphones offer more than what ZTE offers, and they can really compete against them there. The high end is going to be tough for HMD here. Best that they predominantly push the upper mid range here, with a high end here and there until they gain traction.

8. Venom

Posts: 3778; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

I agree. I don't want a cheap, foodstamp phone. Give me something that can match up. I am disappointed that the 7 Plus never got released over here, which iirc, someone was very sure that it was getting a US release. It didn't.

10. meanestgenius

Posts: 22388; Member since: May 28, 2014

As I told you earlier, the Nokia 6.1 Plus is U.S. bound, and offers good bang for your buck. Funny, I do remember a certain someone saying that Nokia doesn’t offer any phones in the U.S. at all. That same person says that BlackBerry still sells smartphones, when they do not. Guess he was wrong about both, lol.

7. Venom

Posts: 3778; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

HMD is slacking when it comes to bringing the Nokia phones to the US. They have an opportunity to fulfill a market that used to be filled by Motorola and the Nexus phones. The money is on the table HMD.

9. meanestgenius

Posts: 22388; Member since: May 28, 2014

HMD is doing things the right way business wise, as opposed to rushing in to a situation that could prove to be untenable. They have smartphones that are available in the U.S., which you have claimed in the past that they don’t have any available in the U.S.

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