HDR may be coming to budget Android Go phones

HDR may be coming to budget Android Go phones
Last month Google announced that the number of active Android Go phones passed the 100 million mark. The company also launched a dedicated camera application for those phones called Camera Go. It's a stripped-down and snappy version of the Pixel's Google Camera app offering some nifty features like Portrait Mode and Translate for low-spec Android Go phones.

It seems that the app may soon get another useful feature from its bigger brother - HDR. XDA Developers found a new Detail Enhance toggle hidden in the application code and performed some tests. It turns out that the toggle gives access to an HDR mode screen with three available options - On, Auto, and Off. 

HDR (High Dynamic Range) enhances contrast and details in images by stacking information from multiple shots and combining it into a final image. The process requires some computational power, as it's done by software algorithms locally on the device. This might be a problem because of the slower chipsets found in Android Go phones. Google might have to tweak the settings and go for a lower frame count to allow smooth and trouble-free operation of the new feature.

The option is not active yet, and turning HDR on and off doesn't do anything. It's a sign, however, that Google is at least considering the HDR camera feature for budget-tier phones.

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