Guide for the filthy rich

Guide for the filthy rich

In the last few years, the mobile phones, including their accessories, have become an inseparable part of our everyday life. The high-tech fashion has conquered the World, and you can actually guess the social status of a person, by checking out his/her phone. Many companies did smell the market potential and boutique devices started appearing. The stars are usually the first audience such products are targeted at (after all, they belong to the limited group of people, who can pay the extremely high prices of such devices). They are not only able to afford the expensive toys, but are like walking neon signs, with all the rest of us following their every move.

This article aims to show you the world of the ultra-expensive and rare mobile phones and of the more affordable ones, which are modified using precious metals or gems. What characterizes both, is the individual approach used when crafting each unit and the radiating taste of luxury, as opposed to the high-tech specifications. The pricing of these phones is different and can be from the amount of an average monthly salary, rising to the value of the last model by Aston Martin and reaching to the sum needed to buy a cozy penthouse.
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1. T-HUFF unregistered


2. Dexter unregistered

Meanwhile, back in reality, kids go unfed everywhere. Why don't you use your money for something useful to society.

3. zashima unregistered

only new money would buy something like this. - they're more suspect to buying stuff like this as a blatant reminder of their wealth. on the other hand, old money doesn't really give a f*{k

4. vzwemp unregistered

your right, new money buys this stuff. big fat price tag, a bit of shiney, and a bloated sense of self worth. Old money knows that once u look past the flash, these phones are less featured than a phone for 50-100 bux. Old money would buy something with features!

5. Future guy unregistered

These phones make me sick

6. Shannon unregistered

Just because there are kids starving in other countries doesnt mean people cant purchase expensive phones. Most people who can afford to purchase these phones, donate their money as well. Some people would rather buy a 2,000 dollar phone than a 2,000 plasma. The production of these phones serve as an innovative roadmap to the future of cell phones, and the unique ways that people use them. I found this article interesting, and while I wouldnt ever buy any of these phones...I am certainly not a critic towards the "trendsetters" that do.

7. VZWGuy unregistered

Look if Ive got 100k to blow on something.. Yeah I could donate this to some starving people in africa or something. So some charity group can pocket 3/4 of the money and then feed like 5000 people 3 meals of rotten rice, and unlevened bread. or I can make all of my friends with less money than me jealous.. Seriously thats a no brainer LOL

8. Dosi unregistered

Phones, i like; Gold phones i like; Gold phones that cost $1.200.000, don't like

9. Saffad unregistered

I pee money

10. Shannon unregistered

Sounds to me like an urinary tract infection. You may want to get that checked.

11. Saffad unregistered

and stop peeing money?? Sounds to me like envy...

12. unregistered

It's true. Peeing money sounds quite amusing.

13. Moe unregistered

A good read, but I think you missed a few key models. The Nokia 8000 series first and foremost, Porsche Design's Alcatel based unit, the Giorgio Amani phone by Samsung, and the Prada phone by LG. Also, while I think the higher end luxury phones, such as the Goldvishes are a complete waste (not to mention hideous), I wouldn't mind paying for the solid build, and design of something like a Vertu Ascent or Constellation.

14. Dexter unregistered

Thanks Shannon (#6) for your insight. I agree that people are allowed to spend their money on what ever they want. I am just saying that there is also a social responsibility to your community. If these phones were at all advanced technology wise I might agree with you on the "trendsetters" comment. At this point the consumer is paying the ridiculous price for a quite average phone. The sole attraction to most of these phones is the price

15. JFLO unregistered

I have nothing against these phones,however I would rather buy a decent car, a house for my family, invest part of the money on my small business and finally donate some money to an organization in my home country.

16. unregistered

I understand the rich wanting to be luxurious but umm there are other issues that need to be handled besides buying 20,000 dollar cell phones, this is really impractical and very sad!

17. nothing unregistered

remeber the French revolution.

18. Simdes unregistered

I have held an original Vertu Constellation... It has the most pathetic software I have ever seen. My old Motorola T190 is sexier :D

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