Gresso makes a $6000 iPhone 4 Time Machine, with six Swiss watches ticking on the back

Gresso makes a $6000 iPhone 4 Time Machine case, with six Swiss watches ticking on the back
Not many of us will be lining up for Gresso's newest iPhone 4 back enclosure, but we have to admit that it is a cool concept, if you are into that kind of luxury living.

A $6000 price tag makes the iPhone 4 Time Machine enclosure affordable only to a Wall Street banker with some disposable bailout cash, but if you want to be noticed in a sea of iPhone 4s, that's the price to pay.

The iPhone used to be a unique gadget just a few years ago, but now that so many people have one, it takes six handcrafted Swiss watches embedded in the case's back to make you stand out. The ticking mechanisms show the time in the world's busiest business capitals - New York, London, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and Moscow. "The creation of each of the clock mechanisms for Time Machine takes several hundred hours of labor-intensive process", says the presser, but we wouldn't have thought otherwise.

The six clocks first made an appearance on the back of the LUXOR WORLD TIME luxury phone, where you could adjust one of the clocks for a time you wish, and that might be the case with the iPhone 4 Time Machine case as well, but it's not very clear from the press release.

What's more, the six Swiss-made clocks add only 1mm to the back of a standard iPhone 4, and are protected by mineral glass with diamond coating against scratches. After all, if you have this enclosure, you will want others to see it, no?

The luxury phone maker says that the iPhone 4 Time Machine will be available some time this year, but didn't specify exactly when. We guess it is waiting on iOS 5 to hit the ether like all of us, it would be a shame to out such a piece of art with anything less now, wouldn't it?

Not that Gresso doesn't skimp on features - one of its 2010 luxury iPhone 4 offers had a 16-gigger inside. For that kind of money we'd expect at least a 32GB version to come standard, but perhaps the company would disapprove of our raging consumerism.

source: Gresso

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