Great save! Falling iPhone X gets caught mid-air on a roller coaster

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Never catch a falling knife, say stockbrokers about big sellouts, but a falling iPhone? That one is a go. Man gets on a crazy fast rollercoaster, man shouts with excitement, man catches the iPhone X of someone above, or in front, or sideways. The speed of the Spanish rollercoaster in question was once the fastest in Europe, and that certainly helped equal the gravitational pull when the iPhone X was accelerating towards Mother Earth with a vengeance.

It certainly helped that the catcher Samuel Kemp is in the New Zealand's Fistballing team and knows a thing or two about quick reactions. The ride was going with 80 miles per hour, yet catching the iPhone looks like a piece of cake in the video above. Here's how Kemp himself described the incident:

All is well when it ends well, and the guy who was looking for the phone on the ground when Kemp landed, was so happy to reunite with it, that he bought out the video in question as a token of gratitude.
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