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Google's Nexus Space smartphone still runs Marshmallow in 2029

April is just around the corner, and Google is already in the mood for pranks. In suitably geeky fashion, someone at the company updated the Android developer console with a new section titled "Reviews from Space". It's home to a single review that's ranked with 5 rocket ships and is written by an alleged astronaut named Alex Scott. It has been beamed to us all the way from April 1, 2029, which officially confirms travel through space and time. Well, maybe not quite.

Alex supposedly wrote the review on a "Nexus Space" smartphone. Codenamed "nexus16", the device information gives generous promises about what to expect from Google phones of the future. It has a screen resolution of 3000 by 2000 pixels, with a pixel density of 500 dpi, which adds up to a screen size of 7.2 inches. Being a 2029 flagship, the Nexus Space runs on a 128-bit processor and comes with 128GB of RAM, which ought to be enough for everyone's multi-tasking needs.

Alas, it seems the device hasn't been updated in a while, as it's still stuck with Android 6.0 Marshmallow as its operating system. Either Google made Marshmallow a truly future-proof platform, or it really needs to step up its updating game. Well, maybe not Google, but others certainly do. As Apple kindly pointed out this week, only 2% of Earth's Android devices run the latest version.

For better or worse, we have no semblence of an idea how the Nexus Space looks and feels like, but you can let this "artist's depiction" give you a clue about that, of sorts.


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