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Google video shows off five mini-games for Google Glass

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Google video shows off five mini-games for Google Glass
Writing on the Glass Developers blog, Google calls Google Glass an "exciting new place to play". To show off the unique capabilities of the connected specs, Google has produced a video that shows five mini-games that can be downloaded by Glass Explorers. Using your voice allows you to make games move quickly "from intent to action". Sensors track your movements, and each game is designed to be simple.

The five games include Balance. This is a video game that is the on-screen version of My Fair Lady in that your on-screen persona carries a number of objects on his head and tries to keep them from falling off. Tennis is another game, but instead of using a racket, you're using your head to hit the ball. Glass' gyroscope and accelerometer help out here.

Other games include Clay Shooter, which obviously is a shooting game, and Matcher requires you to match cards like the old Concentration game. Finally, Shape Splitter requires you to move your hands in front of the Glass camera to split shapes into small particles.

Want to see what game playing on Google Glass looks like? Click on the video below. Google hopes that thew video inspires developers to come up with some more games for the device.

source: Google (1), (2) via BGR

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