Google snatches up Plink - work focuses on Google Goggles

Google snatches up Plink - work focuses on Google Goggles
Google Goggles might soon be seeing an increased potential after UK startup Plink was purchased for an undisclosed amount of money by Google. The two founders of Plink,  Mark Cummins and James Philbin, were the brains behind the popular PlinkArt visualization app that offered mobile users a chance take photos of popular artwork which is then analyzed by the app to identify them. Google will most likely integrate Plink's algorithms and invest it into their own popular Google Goggles service. Since launching PlinkArt four months ago, the amount of users for the popular app passed the 50,000 mark and has caught the attention of the searching giant. Even after the acquisition, the app will continue to be available for free, but it won't see any additional updates down the road as the two founders will be shifting gears and focus on the developmental work for Google Goggles. Slowly growing to become a popular method of searching, Google is already preparing their efforts as they anticipate visual search becoming a bit more prevalent in the community.

source: PlinkArt



1. htc_prep

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Google goggles is one of the main reasons I want 2.1

2. totes_magotes unregistered

you dont need 2.1 to get google goggles.

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