Google patent allows Glass to track ad views

Google patent allows Glass to track ad views
A patent released by the USPTO reveals that Google might use the eye tracker in Google Glass to determine how many times a Google Glass wearer has looked at an ad. The filing itself hints that Google could start charging advertisers based on a "pay per gaze" fee. A server can determine what the Glass wearer is looking at and if it is an advertisement. Advertisers could be charged based on how many times an ad was looked at and for how long the user stared at the ad.

Google expects "pay per gaze" to be used to track how many times a billboard or an ad in a magazine or newspaper was looked at. Google does anticipate some privacy problems though, and the patent notes that Google Glass users will be able to remove their personal data before their "gazes" start adding up to advertising dollars for Google. Additionally, if the Mountain View based tech titan does decide to forge ahead with this, there might be a plan to allow Glass users to opt out.

source: USPTO via MarketingLand, TheRegister

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