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Google offers developer board for Project Ara modular phone

Google offers developer board for Project Ara modular phone
Google has started taking requests for developer boards used for the Project Ara modular phone. The board was unveiled during the developer conference in April, and helps developers build prototypes of modules for the handset. You can request the board by clicking on the sourcelink below, and filling out the form. This must be done before the clock turns to July 18th on the West Coast of the U.S. A second group of requests can be made before August 18th.

Before you get the board, you have to agree to a number of terms from Google. Because there is a limited number of boards, Google wants to know precisely how you plan on using it. The boards are necessary because developers need to make sure that their modules work with the circuitry of the handset.

The first set of boards is expected to ship later this month. If you do receive your dev board so soon, it means that Google likes your idea and thinks your module has merit. By the way, the next developer conference will be taking place in November. By then, we will know who won the $100,000 for the first Project Ara Developer Prize Challenge. You need to send in a 5 minute video along with the official entry form. The entry must be in Google's hands by September 1st while a working module must be received by September 30th. On that date, the winner will be notified. The first place winner receives $100,000 and the knowledge that his module will certainly be offered to Project Ara buyers.

source: ProjectAra
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